Xperience OS v1.0 Android Nougat 7.0 ROM For Samsung Galaxy J7

Download and Install Xperience OS v1.0 Android Nougat 7.0 ROM For Samsung Galaxy J7. this is very fast and battery friendly ROM of this device but you need to some research before installation of this file. Because I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards.

Features of Samsung j7 Xperience OS Nougat 7.0 ROM

  • Based in A5/A3 2017 Nougat Samsung Experience
  • Rom Fast and Lite
  • Sound Optimized
  • Root and Busybox installable
  • Init.d support
  • Full Debloated
  • Deknoxed
  • Zipaligned in boot
  • Tweaked for best performance
  • Optimized for Battery life
  • System Apps and features from Note 8 / A5 and A3 2017
  • Ambient Display in RC
  • Dynamic Blur (Recent / Power Menu)
  • Edge Panel S8
  • Background Mod in RC
  • Power Menu Advanced with New Icon
  • Simple Xperience Rom Control (this ROM is simply no a lot mods)
  • Screen Filter Mod with 4 effects colours
  • SystemUI with new icons and mod Grid Buttons
  • Smartview Support
  • Some icons Note 8 in apps
  • Camera A3 2017 or A5 2016
  • CSC Volte in Aroma installer
  • Mod Launcher touwchiwz grx v3
  • SD adoptable (Put you sd how internal)
  • 150 Fonts added for Default
  • And others I do not remember.

How to Flash Xperience OS Android n 7.0 Galaxy J7 ROM

1. Install Latest Available Recovery 3.1.1-0 with Support Aroma
2. Download the ROM (Fix, etc) and copy it to your sd card.
3. Enter in Recovery and make 5 wipes (Recommended Full wipes)
4. After following the instructions of the Aroma Installer
5. Select, apps, mods, etc.
6. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes (First start of installation, long delay)
7. Configure and enjoy the ROM.


Xperience OS J7 v1.0

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