Wanted Remix MM 6.0.1 Stable Stock ROM For Galaxy A5 A500G (2015)

Download & Install Wanted Remix Marshmallow 6.0.1 Stable Stock Based ROM For Samsung Galaxy A5 A500G (2015). Please Do Some Research About How to Flash a Custom ROM Because I am not Responsible for Anything Bad with your Device.

Features & INFO or Samsung A5 (15) Wanted Remix ROM

-A500G Apps
-S7Edge Apps
-Note 7 Apps
-Extremely DeBloated ( Samsung Stock Apps & Google Apps )
-BusyBox Installed
-Added Build.Prop Tweaks
-Ram Optimized
-init.D Support
-EmergencyLauncher ( Ultra Power Saving Mode Full one hundred% Charge = 12.Four Days )
-Added Build.Prop Tweaks
-Added CSC Tweaks
-Added UPSM Tweaks
-Added Multi Users support ( Both Guest & New Users Works )
-Multi-Country CSC (Added 102 Country CSC )


-Samsung Stock A500G Kernel
-A500G Camera
-A500G SystemUI
-A500G SecSettings
-A500G SecVideo
-A500G SecGallery2014
-A500G SoundAlive_20_M
-A500G SmartManager_v3
-A500G SecMms_Candy_M
-A500G ClockPackage_MUPG_PORTRAIT
-A500G AccuweatherPhone2014_A5_HD_MMR
-EmergencyLauncher ( Ultra Power Saving Mode Full 100% Charge = 12.Four Days )
-J510F VoiceNote
-J510F EasyLauncher2
-J510F SamsungMagnifier3
-J510F TouchWizHome_2016
-J510F WallpaperCropper2
-J510F WallpaperPicker_02
-S7Edge SamsungIME
-S7Edge SecMyFiles
-S7Edge SecContacts_M
-S7Edge SecCalculator_M
-S7Edge GalaxyApps_3xh
-S7Edge SecSetupWizard2015
-S7Edge ThemeCenter
-S7Edge ThemeCenter
-Note 7 Notes
-Note 7 SMusicGrace
-Note 7 KeyguardWallpaperUpdator
-1060 SamsungSans Fonts
-Multi-Country CSC (Added 102 Country CSC )

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Wanted ROM

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