Untouchable AllianceRom 4.4.2 For Verizon Samsung Note 3 Stable And Bugs Free

Untouchable AllianceRom Build 2 Android 4.4.2 For Verizon Samsung Note 3 Stable And Bugs Free Fast:

AllianceROM N900V:

Features And Rom Info:
we aren’t liable for whatever that may occur to your telephone for that reason of installing custom roms and/or kernels. You accomplish that at your own chance and take the responsibility upon your self.

AllianceROM intends to provide the user what they want. Ideal Customization & balance!!
Now we have a gigantic array of “on the fly” options for you to play with. Make your phone to YOUR variety. YOUR colour. YOUR perfection.

Available in each stock S5 variety Theme and Aosp Domination Theme, the majority of modifications in AllianceROM are not obligatory. Which you could turn them on and off at will. We are trying to not impose many matters on people due to the fact we have an understanding of that Android is all about INDIVIDUALITY.

Select from 23 preset UI patterns and change them with a click on. No rebooting
AllianceROM – Designed to be individual….

Base Rom feature’s:
established on Bean’s Verizon four.Four.2 N900VVRU1ANC4 Base
Rooted, Deodexed, BusyBox, Init.D, Sqlite3
compatible With NC2 and NC4 Kernels
SELinux Set To Permissive On All Kernels
All New Holo sort Alliance Settings App!
Alliance supervisor Theme/Backup Engine
enhanced Swirliness on Ripple Lockscreen
Adjusted Launcher Animations for velocity!
Killed Syscope Root Detection SystemStatus = respectable(even in download mode)
Killed custom brand on word three Splash reveal
total toggle quantity is 27 information/hotspot/Rom manage/Torch/and many others
added Touchwiz Theme Engine And subject matters
brought About Alliance To about mobile
delivered custom expanded vigour/Reboot Menu
delivered A ton of Open source FlipFonts
brought package identify to app details
introduced Cyanogenmods Torch
brought .25x animation mod to developer options
Disabled Tether Provisioning assessments
Disabled Battery exams For digital camera Flash
Disabled Flipfont Verification checks
Disabled Signature Verification Checking
Disabled Samsungs cozy Storage
Disabled Default App Reminder Popups
Disabled power on/off sounds with .Bak for effortless re-enableing
Enabled developer choices by way of default
Enabled All Widgets and Max Lockscreen Widgets
Enabled app ops permission management
Enabled call/Message blockading
Enabled outside Sd-Card read/Write performance
Enabled Bootanimation.Zip performance
Enabled camera at the same time on a mobilephone call
Enabled camera Shutter Sound Menu
Enabled Dynamic Auto Brightness manage from worldwide Note3
Enabled pagebuddy settings in settings/display(manage headphone/roaming popups)
Enabled by Default Non Market Apps Allowed
Enabled by using Default package Verifier OFF
Enabled All disabled Settings widgets
Enabled Clear Font alternative in Settings
Enabled Launcher app menu record functionality
Alliance Settings:
Misc data about builders, Themers, Donate/boards and many others.

Color options
alternative to hyperlink all color options toghether or color seperately
color-A-Day alternative to let The system Picked Your primary Linked Theme color randomly every day at midnight
choice to Set process heritage color and/or Gradient variety With Whitelist
choice to Set approach history photograph and Transparency With Whitelist
choice to Set StatusBar color and/or Gradient form
option to Set StatusBar heritage snapshot and Transparency
choice to Set Notification Panel colour and/or Gradient form
option to Set Notification Panel heritage photograph and Transparency
alternative to Set Animated Notification Panel brand
choice to Set Notification Panel Dropdown Header color
option to Set Toggle heritage color and/or Gradient type
alternative to Set Brightness Slider heritage color
alternative to Set CPU data Bar historical past colour
alternative to Set custom Apps Bar heritage colour
option to Set Clear button history colour
alternative to Set Notification Headers colour
choice to Set Notification items colour and/or Gradient type
option to Set Notification gadgets history picture and Transparency
option to Set Drag Bar handle historical past color
choice to Set Clock colour, Dropdown Clock color, Dropdown Date colour
option to Set Battery Icon color, Battery textual content color, Battery Low textual content colour, Battery charge text color, BatteryBar colour
option to Set Att variety service emblem color, Wifi Icon colour, signal Icon color, Wifi endeavor colour, sign endeavor colour
option to Set Notification Icons color, Ticker text colour, network Stats add colour, network Stats download color, Asu color
alternative to Set Animation colour, Settings Button colour, latest Button colour, Lock Button color, Aosp Clear Button colour, Sfinder Button color
alternative to Set Alliance Button color, Notification Title and Clear textual content color, Notification gadgets text colour, Cpu usage textual content colour
choice to Set provider text color, proper Alliance brand colour, Left Alliance brand colour, customized App Bar Icons color
option to Set Toggle On color, Toggle Off colour, Toggle Dim color, Toggle text colour, Toggle Circle color
option to Set most important textual content colour, Secondary textual content color, Header textual content color, Menu text color, list text color, Toast text colour all with toggles to come to default
option to Set vigour menu textual content color, Browser Url textual content color, Launcher text colour, Lockscreen provider colour
option to Set HeadsUp Glow color, vigour Menu Icon color, Overscroll color, Checkbox color, swap color, Spinner/slider color, Battery Chart color
choice to Set Keyboard Letter Keys colour, quantity Keys colour, perform Keys colour, Disabled Keys colour, symbol Keys color,Swipe colour, background color

StatusBar choices
option to Set StatusBar Icon Transparency
choice to Set StatusBar Brightness control
alternative to Set StatusBar Double faucet to Sleep
alternative to Set Clock dimension, Visibility, Font, role and Am/Pm
option to Set Clock Date, Clock Date Case, Clock Date layout, And custom structure
option to Set exhibit Seconds On Clock
alternative to Set Dropdown date format, customized layout
alternative to Set Dropdown Clock and Date measurement
alternative to Set Battery Icon and cost Icon from one in every of 17 patterns
option to Set Battery Bar, Bar kind, Bar thickness, Bar Anim, Battery text size
alternative to Set Att type provider logo, and custom textual content
alternative to Set Left part and correct part network Stats
alternative to Set community Stats update Interval, conceal if Inactive
option to Set Asu show
option to Set number of signal bars used four, 5, 6
alternative to Set sign Icon variety
option to enable or disable signal in/out icon
choice to Set Wifi Icon form
choice to allow or disable wifi in/out icon
option to hide Nfc Icon, blockading Mode Notification, Ime Icon, Alarm Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Sound Icon,
alternative to cover SmartStay Icon, Low Storage Notification, Unstable Wifi Notification

Toggle choices
alternative to Set Toggle Icon variety
option to Set Toggle Circle background form
choice to Set Toggle text On/Off
choice to Set Toggle gap On/Off
alternative to Set Toggle function
alternative to Set number of Toggles In View
option to Set Toggle speedy expand role

Notification Panel options
option to cover/show Aosp Clear Button in Header
option to cover/exhibit Lock Button in Header
alternative to hide/exhibit Recents Button in Header
alternative to hide/exhibit Settings Button in Header
option to cover/show No Notification Title
alternative to hide exhibit Notification Title
choice to cover/show Dropdown Header
option to cover/show Brightness Slider
choice to cover/show Cpu utilization Bar
alternative to Set customized provider text and measurement

customized Shortcut choices
choice to cover/exhibit Alliance Button in Notification Header
option to Set Alliance Button custom motion/App
option to cover/show S-Finder Button in Notification Header
choice to Set S-Finder Button custom action/App
option to Set Dropdown Date Shortclick customized action/App
choice to Set Dropdown Date Longclick custom motion/App
alternative to hide/show Left Alliance emblem in DragBar
option to Set Left Alliance brand custom action/App
option to cover/show correct Alliance emblem in DragBar
option to Set proper Alliance logo custom action/App
alternative to cover/show customized App Bar and mounted to 11 Shortcuts

increased power Menu options
option to hide/show knowledge Toggle
option to hide/exhibit aircraft Toggle
option to hide/show Accesibility Shortcut
option to cover/exhibit energy Off Shortcut
alternative to hide/exhibit Restart Menu
alternative to hide/exhibit Sound Mode Toggles
choice to hide/show Screenshot Toggle
choice to hide/show Screenrecord Toggle
choice to choice to pick reboot recuperation form

Phone Mods
enable/Disable document Button/Add call Button In cell
alternative to allow/disable increasing Ringtone
choice to restart cellphone

Animation options
alternative to Set display off effect (crt,fade,inventory)
option to Set Crt Animation pace/colour
alternative to Set OverScroll outcome (Glow, Glow and bounce)
alternative to Set OverScroll outcomes Weight
alternative to Set ListView AnimationType
choice to Set Listview Animation Interpolator
choice to Set Toast Animation
choice to Set Keyboard Enter/Exit Animations
choice to Set Keyboard Animation Interpolator and duration
option to Set a kind of procedure Animations

LockScreen Mods
choice to decide on Between Aosp Lockscreen And Galaxy Lockscreens
choice to Set Aosp Haptic On/off
alternative to Set at all times Maximize Widgets On/Off
option to Set custom service textual content
option to Set Wake With house Key On/Off
alternative to enable/Disable Lockscreen Sounds
choice to pick customized Ink outcome color
stock Lockscreen Settings Shortcut

common Mods
Dialog Popup stock/user selected toggle
Dialog Popup user decision
enable/Disable 360 measure monitor rotation
permit/Disable Wake when plugging
permit/Disable Wake when unplugging
enable/Disable Low Battery Popup
allow/Disable Full charge Notification
permit/Disable USB connect Sound
LED with reveal on Toggle
BlueTooth Dialog Popup toggle
volume Cursor manage selection
NFC Mod kind determination
permit/Disable Earphone protection
Heads up Notification Toggle
Heads up Notification for ongoing Toggle
Heads up Notification when locked Toggle
Heads up Notification high precedence restrict Toggle
Heads up Notification Blacklist resolution
Heads up Notification Fade velocity
Scrolling Wallpaper Toggle
limitless Launcher Scroll Toggle
choice to decide upon Swipe Up habits
choice to choose home on Homescreen conduct
Theme Chooser for TW launcher with themes
Restart Launcher Toggle
Time Stamp despatched Toggle (specific time recieved or time sent)

customized Apps
Multiwindow supervisor
Penwindow supervisor
Emoji Switcher
Installation Guidline:
Step 1-
be certain you might have Safestrap mounted
Step 2-
for those who decide upon to make use of nc4 kernel ensure it is mounted before ROM!
Step 3-
Boot into Safestrap and Wipe all(factory reset)
Step four-
set up the Rom, stock slot handiest Supported!
Step 5-
as soon as booted open Alliance manager from app drawer and it will create wanted folders
Step 6-

Download Alliance Rom For Verizon Note 3

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md5: 6674a578b7aaa9903fc589646cf992ec

old builds can be found here: https://www.androidfilehost.com/user/?w=settings-dev-files&flid=17337[/sociallocker]

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