TWOSP 5.3.1 Android MM 6.0.1 NANO Rom For Samsung S6 G920/5 Anti Random Reboot

TWOSP Version 5.3.1 Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 NANO Rom For Samsung Galaxy S6 G920/5 Anti Random Reboot (PDP)


TW = TouchWiz, OSP = Open supply venture. That’s simply identical advertising and marketing-bull****-bingo-buzzword when you consider that this ROM involves plenty of Open supply application. Nothing severe.

Why but one more ROM

i’m a kind of few customers who experienced unexpected random reboots after updating inventory firmware after rooting their gadget. So the next huge textual content may contain a taste of drama.

No custom ROM and even stock ROM did work for me, since PLOD(tm) (pink led of doom & Knuckles). Only working ROM is CM13, but that’s lacking proper in-call mic (oftentimes would not work) and digicam, so it can be lamentably a no-op.

So I used to be trying to figure out what goes wrong and check out to build a ROM that does simply work for my device and now not outcome in a myriad of random reboots. So right here it’s: my 2d customized stock android ROM (the primary one was once for some ARNOVA tablet).

And on account that the ROM does now already exist, I used to be like:

so here i’m. And maybe it is going to remedy the drawback for other customers, too.

So what does intent those random reboots

I have no idea precisely. No rather, it is problematic to say. Subsequent follows a record of my individual observations on my gadget. Different instruments could behave the identical or no longer (depending on what is wrong with the device).

So this observations might be what is going to support you to scale down or hinder the random reboots, but they also might not. Ample bla-bla, let’s go.

What’s no longer inflicting it:
person apps

considering the fact that bare Stock ROM Installed from KIES will do reboot randomly as well. It can be a mixture of kernel (Hacker Kernel gives less than others), construct.Prop (inventory offers not up to custom-made), Google Apps and different bloatware. So picking out out a targeted quandary is intricate.

I additionally discovered that ‘userspace’ governor and vigour suspend mode reinforce stability across specific ROMs, so this ROM does set them through default.

Of direction instruments which have extreme hardware damage will still undergo from them, do not anticipate my ROM to do wonders to damaged contraptions.

Why only Samsung S6 & S6 Edge G920F / G925F

on the grounds that that is the one mannequin I own, i do not like blind aid, but I added G925F kernel upon request.

There are numerous quality multi-gadget ROMs outwhere to select from.

 GApps Vs. MicroG

This ROM makes it possible for you to pick between GApps and microG:

1. GApps

natural Google Apps as you know them, nothing specific to do.

2. MicroG

Open supply Google Apps replacement. This ROM requires you to do the next steps previous to be capable to make use of the Play retailer:

removed Apps

all bloatware crap


ROM, Bloatware AddOn, Flashable Modem/Bootloader, Synapse Profile, Archive

Modified Good Lock (broken-out download)

Xposed Framework

TWRP (arter97)

Fancy materialized TWRP themes

Installation Instructions

virgin S6:

  • install The TWRP Recovery, Get Modem and Bootloader via Odin
  • boot device to recovery (possibly make a backup of stock firmware)
  • factory reset your s6 using TWRP recovery
  • Flash The Nano ROM
  • reboot and complete the setup
  • go to recovery mode again and install Xposed File
  • Enjoy

rooted Samsung S6:

  • update TWRP Recovery to latest
  • reboot recovery mode
  • update Modem and Bootloader files
  • reboot to recovery mode (Make a Bakeup)
  • factory reset Your Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge using with TWRP
  • install The Marshmallow Nano ROM
  • reboot to system & Complete setup
  • Then go to recovery mode and flash Xposed
  • rebootDevice & Enjoy



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