Slim And Remix v4 Rom For Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Slim And Remix v4 Rom For Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910T Xtreme Speed Ultra Fast And Smooth Running:

SlimRemix ROM is a ROM constructed some satisfactory tweaks and options, together with picks and aspects from the satisfactory ROMs available in the market.
SlimRemix is focus on steadiness, performance and with plenty of additional elements and optimizations
* by means of flashing this, you mechanically void your assurance!
* in case your mobilephone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!
* do not ask for ETAs!!

SlimRemix Optimization aspects

Compiled, Optimized and power via SaberMod Toolchain
Compiled, Optimized and power by using Qcom Clang SnapDragon v3.6
-O3 (very best GCC optimization level)
SaberMod GCC 4.9.Y+ (kernel)
SaberMod GCC 4.9.Y+ (ROM)
SaberMod GCC 4.9/four.9+ (host)
Strict-aliasing enabled
reminiscence Optimized
Graphite Optimization
link-Time Optimization
Gold LD

—>OTA Updates
-Animation control
-App Circle Sidebar
-quick Settings customization
—>statusbar customization
Clock and date
-Statusbar temperature
-service label
-Battery variety
-Battery Bar
-Notification Ticker
-challenge manager
-Brightness control
-Double tap to sleep
-network traffic
—>contemporary panel
-Clear all button FAB with all feasible positions
-expanded monitor pinning
—>expanded Notifications
–Navigation bar settings
-Button settings
-exhibit arrow keys even as typing
—>vigor Menu Customization
—>Gesture anyplace
—>Slim Pie
—>liquid crystal display Density
—>Ambient display
—>multiplied volume panel
—>LockScreen Customization
-Lockscreen Wallpaper
-Longpress lock icon to sleep
-tune Visualizer
-Lockscreen colors
-Lockscreen climate
-Sim card lock
-developed reboot
-privacy protect
-SuperSU Indicator
how to install Guide:
* down load the ROM and GApps
* Reboot to recovery
* Wipe information/manufacturing facility reset
* Flash the ROM and then GApps
* Reboot your mobile
* revel in
how you can update

* download the modern day version
* Reboot to recovery
* Flash the ROM
* Flash Gapps
* Wipe each dalvik cache and cache
* Reboot your mobile
* benefit from the cutting-edge variant of SlimRemix
other data
*all right guys, after seeing quite a lot of persons submit random bugs without offering normal know-how or logs, I decided to make a simple little write up on some basic principles to the thread.

1. Be courteous to at least one one more & are attempting & be invaluable when that you could. I cannot answer each single question as i am very busy seeking to build the first-class rom i can make for you guys, so if you know a technique to a challenge please reply.

2. If you’re making use of xposed, do not submit BUGS! I have already noticeable humans posting problems most effective to find out it was because of xposed or considered one of it can be modules.

3. When posting bugs, achieve this with as a lot know-how as possible. We can’t support you if you happen to do not supply the correct information.*
**** What variation or the rom are you on?
**** clean or dirty set up?
**** Mainline or excellent kernel?
**** Are you utilising a theme?
**** in the event you dirty flashed & have problems, did you try a clean install?
4. In case you are having random reboots how about delivering a log? These are invaluable as they provide the understanding to repair an actual difficulty with the rom or to inform me that it is a person error.

5. If you’re new to aosp or just don’t know a lot about kernels, it is high-quality to keep on with the mainline kernel as it is extremely stable. No have to mess with the settings either as i have the kernel setup to enjoy out of the field.**

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