Nova Rom V1.3.9 For Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G901F SM-G906K/S/L Stable And Fast

Nova Rom V1.3.9 Android Lollipop 5.0.1 For Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G901F SM-G906K/S/L Stable And Fast Smooth Light Rom:

Good day all collectively. I relatively admire that you discovered this thread here Some small phrases about me and the ROM. Initially, I did already many projects until now, so if you ever had an Galaxy S4 or an Galaxy Tab S you can also understand me. See my profile if you want a kernel/rom for this two devices. I really like constructing and yeah, this mobilephone here is my new mobile, coming from the S4.

Nobody shouldn’t be allowed to take stuff from my rom without asking me! Thank you.

The rom its self is Touchwiz centered, I made various optimisations to certainly experience my device as it’s on the second, inventory was just to bland
i’m utilising ultra-modern Samsung sources to create this rom. So now lets start with the points

Rom Features:

-G901FXXU1BOH4 Base
-Prerooted with V2.49 SuperSU (brand new one)
-state-of-the-art Busybox established
-Init.D support
-absolutely Deodexed
-Knox stuff is eliminated
-stock Kernel included
-today’s TouchWiz Sources!
-Heavy debloated, however thoroughly functional
-Adblocker Enabled
-Galaxy S6 Multiwindow
-AppOps in Settings
-5 approach Reboot
-private mode working on the grounds that of the stock kernel
-S6 keyboard
-construct.Prop tweaks for higher batterylife and efficiency
-MultiUser support!
-Galaxy S6 climate widget
-Selinux imposing
-Stagefright patch utilized by google! Now involves V2.0 repair with all protection patches!!
-All google stuff up to date
-up to date samsung app store
-SFinder from Statusbar eliminated
-airplane Mode pop-up eliminated
-quilt warning removed
-risk-free volume warning eliminated
-Unplug your charger wont get up your show anymore
-quite a few S6 apps:
-S6 Browser
-S6 Gallery
-S6 SmartManager
-S6 e-mail App
-S6 Calculator
-S6 SHealth
-S6 SmartManager
-S6 Smemo
-S6 Voice
-S6 Myfiles
-S6 Launcher
-S6 Calendar/S Planner
-S6 remote manage
-S6 wallpapers
-Xposed V6 krait preinstalled
-united states of america manager
-external SD card fixed (learn and write)

How to install the rom:
1. Download a custom recovery, TWRP or CWM
2. Down load the rom and put it to your outside SD card
3. Backup all your matters to your external SD card
4. SM-G901F: You need to be on BOH4 bootloader and modem, get them from here! It’s a need to, in any other case THE ROM WONT WORK
SM-G906K/S/L: install cutting-edge inventory rom to your mannequin, down load it right here!
5. Reboot to healing, perhaps your telephone wont anymore with the new bootloader, do not care about it, with the brand new rom it is going to
6. Now wipe the whole thing (except where you set the rom of path)
7. Install the rom
8. Reboot and look forward to 10 minutes or whatever like that
9. Enjoy the brand new variation
10. If you need Xposed just install the app from here. I removed it considering the fact that i don’t want to have a process app that may humans do not wish to/don’t use. So all you need to do is install the xposed app (if you need it)

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Custom recovery, Lollipop bootloader/modem
Based On: Stock Touchwiz

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V1.3.9
Stable Release Date: 2015-10-25


Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-50-51.png Views: 57622 Size: 144.5 KB ID: 3433523   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-50-57.png Views: 57700 Size: 129.0 KB ID: 3433524   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-50-38.png Views: 57656 Size: 123.3 KB ID: 3433525   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-51-26.jpg Views: 57156 Size: 106.9 KB ID: 3433526   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-51-34.jpg Views: 56760 Size: 93.7 KB ID: 3433527   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-52-16.jpg Views: 57618 Size: 130.4 KB ID: 3433528   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-52-22.png Views: 56114 Size: 153.3 KB ID: 3433529   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-51-41.png Views: 56916 Size: 141.1 KB ID: 3433530   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-53-10.jpg Views: 56948 Size: 124.9 KB ID: 3433531   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-53-24.png Views: 56586 Size: 121.6 KB ID: 3433532   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-54-02.png Views: 55494 Size: 68.9 KB ID: 3433533  Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-06-08.png Views: 54868 Size: 196.4 KB ID: 3433534   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-53-39.jpg Views: 55010 Size: 116.5 KB ID: 3433535   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-52-49.png Views: 55492 Size: 83.2 KB ID: 3433536   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-53-01.png Views: 55518 Size: 139.6 KB ID: 3433537

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