Note 7 Style Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM For T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5

Download 7 Flash Note 7 Style Express Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM For T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This BUILD is based on the Latest N920TUVS4DQA2 base. It is not a Samsung Note 7 port, instead focusing on the reliability of the stock base & adding Some Note 7 Apps and Features.

Features of T-Mobile Samsung Note 5 Latest Note 7 Style ROM

– Deodexed
– Debloated
– Knox Removed
– Call Recording Enabled
– Camera Enabled During Calls
– White Pages Caller ID Enabled
– Direct Dial Enabled In Call Log
– Contact Character Limit Increased To 1280
– Enabled Scheduling Messages
– Enabled MMS With Data Off
– Enabled Font Size Change In Messaging
– Increased Max SMS Characters to 999
– Increased SMS Recipient Limit To 999
– Enabled APK Listing in MyFiles
– Set Default NFC Status To Off
– Enabled APN Access to all T-Mobile Configurations
– Enabled Call Block Option In Messaging
– Disabled Software Update In Settings
– Enabled Dual Dashboard In Smart Manager
– Enabled View Data Usage On Quick Panel
– Enabled Double Tapping On Lock Screen Notifications
– Enabled Prompt To Exit On Browser
– Enabled Detail Brightness
– Enabled Blocking Unknown Sender In Messaging
– Enabled Saving Drafts In Messaging
– Enabled Split Mode In Messaging
– Updated Samsung Email Version
– Updated Samsung Internet To Version 5.2
– Updated Samsung Cloud To A Working Version (base version had issues)
– Updated Calendar App (Widget Can Be Transparent)
– Updated MyFiles
– Updated Camera To Note 7 UI (Thanks to Bulldog74ts and Khongloi113)
– Updated Clock App To Note 7 UI (Thanks to Albe95)
– Updated SNote to Version 5.2
– Added Samsung Notes App
– Added Adaway App
– Added XDALabs App
– Added Special Lockscreen Wallpaper (you may change it, however, can not consider why, LOL)
– Removed Safe Volume Warning
– Changed Default Window Animation Scales To zero.5 (Changes on natural flash handiest)
– Added Reboot Recovery Option
– Added Note 7 Edge Panel
– Updated Contacts to Note 7 UI
– Updated Dialer to Note 7 UI
– Updated MyFiles to Note 7 UI
– Updated Gallery Icon to Note 7 UI
– Updated TouchWiz Launcher to Note 7 UI
– Updated Messaging to Note 7 UI.

How to Install T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow 6.0.1 Note 7 ported ROM

1. Download The Latest Available ROM (if you are not rooted research FRP first!)
2. Perform A Complete Wipe. It is for the best to do a clean Install & setup as a new phone.
3. Flash the Note 7 Style ROM
4. Reboot and ENJOY.


NOTE 7 Style ROM

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