M4B30X Tuna – All Variants [ROM 6.0.1]

M4B30X Tuna – All Variants [ROM 6.0.1]

Android 6.0.1 for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

About rom:

This is a moderately customized ROM for Galaxy Nexus based on AOSP 6.0.1. It’s a unified build that will work on all three variants: toro, maguro and toroplus. Focus is on stability and functionality, with lots of additional features pulled from other custom ROM projects and some that I have designed myself. My goal was to build a build stable just enough for daily use (I still read this as my primary phone) while developing new features that help enhance the overall Android experience.

ROM Features:
– F2FS support for /data and /cache. System must be ext4.
– LiveDisplay / color adjustment from Cyanogenmod
– Display rotation angles
– Double-tap to sleep / Volume button wake / Wake on plug
– Alert / Battery light colors
– Additional pattern lock sizes : 4×4, 5×5, 6×6
– Latest reboot menu (moved to Developer options)
– Hide ADB notice icon
– Xposed compatible
– Specify maximum number of recent apps (ro.config.max_recents)
– Capability to switch off the display during the boot sequence (via power or volume keys)
– Expanded Notification Panel width in Landscape Orientation
– RRO Layers suitable
– Recents privacy (more info here)
– Less intrusive notifications sounds
– Expanded desktop
– Support for Google WebView pakages
– Custom density scaling for display
– Additional QS tiles: brightness, screen off, screenshot, volume panel, headsup, NFC, compass, sync,
USB tether, screen timeout, reboot, battery saver, quick record, LTE toggle (toro, toroplus), caffeine
– QS quick pulldown
– Choice to turn off brightness slider in QS shade / statusbar brightness control
– Add haptic feedback option to QS tiles
– Option to turn off dual tiles / show 4 tiles per row

Kernel Features:
– Memory chip frequency slots: 230-1632Mhz
– Microprocessor governors: dyninteractive, interactive, ondemand, ondemandplus, powersave, performance, ktoonservative, zzmoove
– Min Screen On / Max Display Off
– I/O scheduler: row, zen, noop, deadline, cfq, sioplus
– TCP congestion control: cubic, reno, bic, westwood, htcp
– Fast Charge (with data transfer)
– Graphics processing unit Overclock (max 512MHz)
– IVA Overclock
– SmartReflex: Core, IVA, MPU
– SmartReflex: Min adjusted voltages
– Custom Power
– Custom Regulator Voltages: VAUX3_6030, VAUX1_6030, VMMC, VANA, V2V1, VDAC, VCXIO, VUSIM, VMMC, VUSB
– Color Settings (gamma offset, color multipliers)
– Vibrator Amount
– Earphone Volume Boost
– Emergency Battery Reserve (see this post for details)
– GPU governors (on3demand, activeidle, onoff, userspace)
– NEW! Contiguous Memory Allocator will increase user RAM to 987MB


Install / Update:
Flash, ROM
Flash, Google Apps package
Flash, SuperSU (optional)
Flash, Xposed (optional)
If you are migrating from a different ROM, you must wipe /data!!
On the first boot after flashing/upgrading, the device will restart itself once prior to the boot animation (Google Logo will display twice).

This ROM has been built without DEXPREOPT, so the initial boot will take a lot longer. For that reason, I have made the capacity to switch off the screen during the boot sequence to hopefully save some wear and tear on the display.

This ROM uses the older graphics drivers and it is therefore incompatible with any third party kernels! Don’t flash any other kernels with this ROM!


Latest Build

Changelog: 10/23/2016

Security Status
SELinux: Permissive
Android safety patch level: October 5, 2016

Google Apps

” Gesture typing does not work on stock keyboard but does work on Google Keyboard

I’m not responsible for bricked devices (honestly, has anyone actually ever bricked a GNexus?), loss of data, insufficient rhythm and coordination. Don’t forget to ALWAYS make backups prior to flash and if you are changing filesystems on /data, you will lose ALL DATA which includes everything on internal storage and the recovery will NOT provide you any warning before it performs this highly destructive act, so only be aware! Thanks and enjoy!


ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Beta
Beta Release Date: 2016-01-19

Last Updated 2016-10-23

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