Khongloi S8+ Ported Nougat 7.0 ROM For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (AOD)

Download and Flash Khong Loi S8+ Ported Nougat 7.0 ROM For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (AOD). Please Install it at your own Responsibility┬áBecause I’m Not Charge for anything Wrong.

Features of Galaxy S8+ PORTED KHONGLOI Android N 7.0 ROM

  1. Based on latest S8+ leak firmware and Note 5 Nougat Firmware with March Security Patches

  2. Fix Brightness, Auto brightness, Bluetooth,…

  3. Working Secure Folder (Spay should work too),…

  4. AOD S8+ full functions:

– AOD brightness control (2 states)
– Touch (enable/disable), deep sleep, live clock,…
– Seem like AOD auto brightness working well.

  1. Ported S8+ camera by me:

– Full ported Bixby Vision
– All work except and cover camera (will fix later).

  1. Fixed all Bixby stuff.

  2. Port and fix full S-pen function include Glance,…

  3. Bring back all Private Mode stuff.


– AOD brightness control (2 states)
– Show/hide Power Menu on Lockscreen
– Enable/Disable Safe Volume Notification
– Show/Hide Keyboard Switching Notification Icon
– Battery options
– Some features include enable/disable fingerprint wakeup, persistent notification, notification reply directly on lock screen
– more features will come later
– virtual button option

  1. Full Edge features include Edgelight, CNN panel, Calendar,…

  2. Fix random reboots, Health,…

  3. Fix Hotspot

  4. Hack devices status to the official.

  5. Fix Screenshot button.

  6. Remove Iris, Bio face setting (non-hardware).

  7. Update to latest CSC ones and add support for Jim INS operator.

  8. Advanced Reboot Menu – Original mod by me.

  9. Enabled all available SystemUI – QuickSetting Toggle including Private Mode, Ultra Power Saving, SFinder, Ultra Data Saving, Reading Mode,…

  10. Enabled many Messages features: SMS unlimited text, Folder view,…

  11. Enabled many Keyboard, SystemUI,… features.

  12. Bring back many setting: Video Enhance, Emergency Mod, Touch Key Light Duration in Setting, Outdoor Mode in Setting,…

  13. Disabled signature check.

  14. Disabled scrolling cache.

  15. Huge CSC collection and moded

  16. Some things I can’t remember.

Known Bug, & Not work Item
– Edge Feeds (For N920x).
– Camera Review



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