How To Update Galaxy Grand Prime to Android 8.1 Oreo (Latest Build)

Android Oreo is now available for the Galaxy Grand Prime device, yes now you can download and install Android Oreo 8.1 on Galaxy Grand Prime. Android Oreo is the latest Android released a few months ago. The new update for Galaxy Grand Prime includes Android Oreo.

How To Update Galaxy Grand Prime to Android 8.1 Oreo (Latest Build)

Since Android Oreo came out recently so it has reached a few devices and many are left with the previous version of Android and Galaxy Grand Prime is among them. Galaxy Grand Prime may or may not get the official Android Oreo upgrade, so if you want to upgrade Galaxy Grand bonus to Android Oreo then you must install Lineage 15.1 on Galaxy Grand Prime which is a custom ROM. A custom ROM is a system software built by one or a group of developers that can be installed on an Android smartphone to customize and update the device software. Android is the most used and popular mobile operating system in the world. There are more than thousands and thousands of manufacturers that make Android devices. The popularity of Android OS is because of the freedom of personalization it offers. Unlike IOS, everything on an Android device (linked software) can easily be modified to match the tastes of users.
Android users can root their device easily and can install TWRP or any other recovery. The process of rooting on Android is easier compared to IOS. Once custom recovery is installed, users can Flash custom Roms that are modified Android operating systems developed by an Android developer or a group of developers.

There are tons of things that users can do after rooting their device as flashing custom Roms, kernels and mods. Most of the custom Roms are feature-rich. They provide loads of personalization options compared to the stock ROM. Some of the custom Roms are well optimized for battery and performance. So users are always looking for good custom Roms for their Android smartphones.

What is Custom ROMs On Android?

Custom Roms are based on official Android source codes that are customized or developed by developers or a community of developers. Custom Roms come with loads of additional customizations that make them unique and popular among Android enthusiasts. Remember, custom Roms are not provided by Google or other mobile vendors, but are developed and maintained by the community and its contributors.

Benefits Of Custom ROMs

1) Vanilla Android (pixel style)
Most Roma based on Aosps custom are free bloating and have very close to the stock appearance and sensation that makes them super catchy. These Roms are very optimized for battery and performance.

Root access
Most custom Roms are pre-rooted. The process of winning the full admin control of the Android device is called rooting on Android. It is similar to running programs as administrators in Windows.

After rooting your device, you can install different mods, kernel, Roms on your device. You can install the latest Android updates (like the Android 8.0 Oreo) on the old device by installing third-party Roms like lineage OS 15.1 or 15. You can overclock your device’s CPU and GPU to get the best performance. You can hibernate any application you want. You can sub-Clock the CPU to get a better battery life.

For more information about Android rooting, check out our detailed post here > What is rooting Android phone? Pros and cons
3) Regular Updates
Most of the Android smartphone manufacturer provides software support for 2 years and after that, the devices will not get any official updates. In this case, users must fully depend on custom Roms to test the latest Android on their devices.

Most of the developers of Custom ROMs provide a 4-day regular update which is one of the best things about custom ROMs.


Android is famous for customization and custom Roms take this to another level. Unlike stock vanilla Android custom Roms come with various personalization options. We share few of them below

Users can turn the navigation bar on or off
Users can customize the navigation bar and status bar icons
Some custom Roms come with different mods
Some custom Roms come with custom kernels that allow users to overclock or sub-clock the CPU and GPU.
Some personalized Roma come with the support of third party themes
5) Battery and performance
Most custom Roms are very close to the vanilla stock Android in the look. The custom Roms are very optimized which results in a better autonomy and a smooth performance.


1- Make sure that the boot loader on your device is unlocked and that your device is docked and that you have a custom recovery installed.
2- Make sure your device has more than 50% battery.
3- Make sure you have taken a backup of your important data. Now proceed to install Lineage OS 15.1 ROM on Galaxy grand Prime.

Download Android 8.1 Oreo For Galaxy Grand Prime

Model NamesDownload Link
gprimelte [SM-G530T/T1/W]Download
gprimeltespr [SM-G530P]Download
gprimeltetfnvzw [SM-S920L]Download
gprimeltexx [SM-G530FZ]Download
gprimeltezt [SM-G530MU]Download
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