How To Enable Samsung Galaxy S5 Call Recording Script

This thread is for those who use 100% inventory ROM (simply rooted) and for quite a lot of motives do not want to set up Xposed framework (due to a skills diminish of balance and/or lack of some facets, e.G. Private Mode).

Few individuals comprehend that the call recording is developed-in characteristic on Samsung Galaxy S5 (inventory ROM) – it’s simply hidden characteristic (data)

To activate it – you must edit /system/csc/function.Xml file (if exists, otherwise you have to edit /system/csc/others.Xml file). Simply add the following line (wherever, but BETWEEN <FeatureSet> and </FeatureSet> strains):




– a rooted Samsung Galaxy S5 device
– Mobile Odin PRO or custom recovery CWM/TWRP or Linux compatible text editor

Installation methods:

1. Custom recovery CWM/TWRP (KNOX 0x1) – open *.zip file using “Install Zip” option and Press “Yes – install…”

2. FlashFire (requires root) – open *.zip file using “Flash ZIP or OTA” option. Do not enable “Everroot”! Push “FLASH”. This type of installation let you keep KNOX 0x0 if you still kept this flag (thanks to Towerloot and updating ROMs via FlashFire only).

3. Edit feature.xml file (if exists, otherwise others.xml) and add above line manually (requires a bit of experience). You can do it directly on your phone using e.g. Root Explorer’s built-in text editor. In Windows I recommend you to use Notepad++ editor, because it supports Linux text format (LF). Restart your phone for the changes to take effect.


The recordings are saved in /Sounds (internal emulated SD)

i have created a script to use this transformation so simple as feasible and put it into MOP/CWM/TWRP flashable zip file. It performs these alterations automatically in the right xml file. In case of worldwide variants of Galaxy S5 (G900F/G900H) /process/csc/feature.Xml file customarily does no longer exists. Script assessments if exists /process/csc/characteristic.Xml file and edit it if so, otherwise script performs quintessential changes in /process/csc/other.Xml

Download Script

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