Fire Kat Custom Rom For Tmobile Galaxy Note 4 N910T

Best Fire Kat Custom Rom For Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910T Extreme Fast Smooth Increase Battery Life:

Thanks IUnlock for the highly badass FireKat banner and the other outstanding banners …Hella cool package

FireKatN4V3 is a customized rom for the T cellular Galaxy observe 4 N910T
situated on the present day inventory Tmobile Base four.4.Four build N910TUVU1ANJ7 and ANK4 have to learn OP. ..

***in case your conversant in my other FireNote/FireKat Roms for the att be aware 3, att observe 2, notice eight.0, observe 12.2, Tab 8.Four pro, and Galaxy Mega I9205 you can expect the same fear free steadiness for a replacement of your stock rom, but offering the vigour, efficiency, and battery efficiency the notice 4 must’ve been producing out of the field. The complete focal point of my roms is readily to make the quickest, smoothest, snappiest roms feasible, bug free, with thoughtless battery efficiency. Ordinary positive factors are around 50% over stock.

Tmo ANJ7 Base V1 via V5 or ANK4 V7 and up on the alternative is yours…
FireKat V6 through V11X ought to flash Ank4 Base: essential learn!!!
FireKat builds after V6 are headquartered on the newer ank4 base rom…YOU need to ODIN FLASH ANK4 earlier than FLASHING V6

FireKat V18 via V21:

speed enhancements
Ram optimizations

FireKat V17XxX took V16X and added some 5.1.1 rendering and touch control mods as good as additional refinements to the be aware 5 ram and Rendering controls…Sincerely it can be faster than ever…Revel in
FireKat V18XxXR: well-nigh refines the whole lot to a razors facet…Super fast and efficient…Enjoy

Took the V16X construct and built-in ram and memory administration mods from Galaxy note 5 and S6 area Plus…The velocity and fluidity will have to broaden across the board, most beneficially impacted for up to date apps, keyboard, app launching, animations and transitions…Enjoy

**Native ad Block Mod could block facebook. Simply set up adaway and itll overwrite the mod
FireKat V14X:

brought 50 native multi window apps that permit on putting in the app
adding native advert blocking and YouTube advert blocking
Enabled air messages
Enabled scheduled sms
Enabled sms receipt
Enabled mms receipts
Enabled call record name button
Enabled native backup sms message’s to SD card
customarily…Overhauled and rebuilt the digicam…Taking the sharpest clearest most colorful shots with a close on the spot shutter speed

FireKat V13X:

essentially took new renewing and efficiency optimizations i realized from building poprocks lollipop rom and brought them over to FireKat…V13X will have to be as efficient as V11X as all different mods and features…Simply delivered snappiness and fluidity….Revel in
FireKat V11X:

The predominant focal point of V11X used to be balancing and optimizing the construct in every approach feasible…Planning this to be the final update before lollipop I wanted it as flawlessly balanced as viable…It is as quick, efficient, snappy, and steady as i will in all probability make it.

Optimizations taken with:

*Optimized Rebuilt touch Controller: fastest and snappiest of all FireKat builds up to now: the actual world think fits the super excessive 50k+ antutu benchmarks
*Optimized energy administration: we had a ten hour display on time posted on V10…With averages round 6.25 hours with 30 hours standby time which has accelerated on V11X…Extra averages and data will probably be posted as normal as we all use the construct for a whilst
*Optimized App Launching speed
* further refined Ram management and App administration
*Touchwiz Launcher pace
*3d Rendering and Animations
*camera further Optimized and sophisticated…People are taking real wonderful shots and V11X will be the sharpest more colorful firekat camera up to now
*Keyboard Response and Rendering speed Boosted as quick as feasible
*additional Optimizations to pace up latest apps window animations and remove the prolong inherent within the base…Almost entirely long past…Must be just about on the spot

This build was once enthusiastic about guaranteeing we had a inventory substitute that will go the lengthy haul for any person wishing to stay on four.Four.Four as lollipop brings many changes no longer every body might be lovers of….Im tremendously completely happy with V11X and thoroughly stoked the way it grew to become out…I cant wait to let it settle in…It def set the general for my FireKatN4 builds. ..Hope everybody enjoys the update and if one way or the other i can give you a V12 down the avenue even after lollipop, probably from new mods from 5.Zero i will def maintain pushing ahead with FireKatN4

FireKat V10:

Takes the whole lot you cherished about V9 and makes it even higher:

*stability: a suitable easy flash and also you must have zero issues …V10 carries on the firekat culture of thoughtless steadiness and quandary free experience
*Optimized efficiency: tbh i dont have a body of reference to evaluate it to seeing that I’ve not ever used another gadget that’s this rapid…Simply to be entirely sincere
*amazing effectivity: takes matters to a whole different level of effectivity. I flashed v10 at 31%, ran thru my setup and used the n4 for over 2 straight hours earlier than I could knock it down sufficient to charge lol…Will give detailed increase as I gather the data
*Animation/Transition/2d/3d Rendering: all optimized to absolutely the height…From latest apps, the residence button, launching apps, gaming or the ui v10 does everything close immediately and not using a hesitation or hiccup….It is real an additional experience altogether on v10
**The most important characteristic/center of attention of v10: utterly overhauled the touch response/interplay…No more of that weighted heavy gradual consider to the n4 display…Mainly obvious on my fk builds where the rendering was once close to double the contact an whilst quick I not ever felt used to be successfully matching the roms efficiency….That is long gone now lol…This monitor will dance and the simplest of graze delicate as silk…This mix with the known performance of fk has made for a hell of a fun construct to set up lol. Revel in all people

Oh yea I forget there is a number of other browser tweaks and some assume stabilization mode cleansing ect
facets Of V9:

V9 is an evolution/refinement of V8
focused as a rule on:
Touchwiz launcher smoothness and velocity
3d rendering and animation optimizations
Dalvik and cache tweaking: apps launch immediately
Browser pace tweaks: pages load immediately
in actual fact a sophisticated version on v8…What else uhh stock n4 boot sound experience lol

*facets of V8:

Rebuilt the rom from the base zip

Insanely fast touch response

Rebuilt the 2nd/3d rendering

Rebuilt/reoptimized audio nice

further enhancements to the digicam for phenomenal pictures and videos

throughout the board v8 takes v7 to another degree…

*points of V7:

*Tethering Mod built In

*Reoptimized Rendering and Animations from new ank4 base

*Rebuilt Tw Launcher: by means of a long way the quickest Tw experience I’ve ever had: absolutely removed all 4.4.Four animation annoyances..Its 4×5 and flying lol

*quantity change at inventory level improved obtain and more desirable Sound first-class

*Dalvik and Cache Optimized for ank4

*moderate energy management Adjustment for ank4 variances to expand effectivity to the max

***To be totally honest V7 like v5 before has caught me off defend as the new mods or enhancements to v7 have taken it to a whole different level…Ultimate timing for the holidays…Enjoy v7 it is already flying an it can be only some hours into my flash

*elements of V6:

For this primary construct of Ank4 based roms i attempted to make v6 as close to equal as I would to give us a baseline over a few days to regulate from…So it should be the equal notable expertise as v5 maybe somewhat extra refined given a relatively newer base and totally smooth build

*2nd/3d Rendering Optimized
*digicam Optimized for top notch photographs
*Sound fine enhanced and volume natively boosted
*massive performance Optimizations
*same severe efficiency, effectivity, and stability because the FireKat builds you like

FireKat V5: identical as v6 for those who would as a substitute stay on anj7

This build has surely blown me away…Far exceeding now not most effective my expectations but tbh exceeding what I suggestion was even feasible on this device….The pace of the whole thing is instantaneous…

*thoroughly optimized contact response for the quickest response time I’ve ever encountered of any contact interface ime

*Rendering and Cache optimized to beef up the immediacy of launching apps and animations…Scrolling via the ui is a dream

*totally Rebuilt Tw Launcher: modified to 4×5 layout: all widgets appear superb just an delivered row vs wasted empty space: rebuilt and heavily optimized this tw launcher is so rapid and tender I can’t seem to use something else considering flashing v5 tbh

*Audio pleasant Enhancements: re encoded method inventory quantity as good as posted additional scripts on the op2 enabling you to tailor your audio setup with out shedding the great sound

*contemporary Apps velocity: I positioned a heavy emphasis and focus on growing the velocity of the contemporary apps launcher: it used to be quick before however on v5 as with the lockscreen, the up to date apps menu opens and launches apps on the pace which you can physically have interaction with the display

*Keyboard Tweaks: as a byproduct of the extreme rendering optimization and overhauling animation, cache, and ui speeds the inventory Keyboard is stunningly fast

***V5 is with the aid of a long way the head of the 100s of roms I’ve finished over time…Its so quick smooth effective and steady that it even caught me fully by means of shock i’m all honesty

FireKat V4:

*V4: takes firekat to a entire new degree
*method quantity Modded for headphones, speakerphone, and earpiece: boosted about 10 decibels…Sound pleasant is mighty
*contact Response Boosted for immediate suggestions
*S Pen Rendering 1:1: finally feels like actual Writing
*Rendering has been sped up across the board: everything is real instantaneous
*Blocked All data Mining by procedure Apks/Apps: saves battery and data use
*Browser velocity and Loading Boosted greatly Improves stock Browser
*Hacked Knox comfy Storage and delivered my own mod in to do away with any sd disorders from four.Four.4
*camera and Video digital camera best Boosted
***V4 is the best build I’ve ever finished or used…Through a long way the fastest smoothest rom of the hundreds I’ve performed earlier than…Enjoy
*V3 just about refines v2, extra optimizations to ui animations, tw launcher speed, app launching/switching instances, lock screen on /off…The whole thing must be instantaneous on v3…Moreover to the simpler ram administration and battery efficiency v3 is def going for walks phenomenal see under for details…
>>elements of V3: ( in addition to V2)

*Modded cozy Storage: must eliminate all sd issues with new 4.4.Four: am posting a guide for full consumer permission to jot down knowledge sd in op2
*additional Refinement to Dalvik and cache handling
develop touch Response
*quite often was refining v2 which was already tremendously fast delicate and efficient, I made a couple of polishes right here and there as well as enthusiastic about elminating any disorders on flash
*common battery loss for the duration of sleep on v3 is right down to .Three% +/- a factor per hour…Incredibly long standby
*Temperature is quite cooler than v2 as well
**basically v3 polished an already high-quality construct hope you guys experience it

>>alterations to V3:

***I removed the incorporated root apps that I prefer to include in this build: no apps will likely be flashed: they will be hosted in op2 rather/some are conveniently downloaded from play retailer

Xposed Module Installer
Wakelock Detector
Youtube Adaway
>>features of V2 (in addition to V1):

*Optimized Tw Launcher: enormous pace raise to the launcher and animations

*2nd/3d Rendering: hit sixty nine fps in quadrant:

*Thermal Temperature on V2 is appx 15 levels cooler than stock meaning no more worrying screen dimming

*Tethering Apn Premodded Into method

*Battery efficiency: ordinary .3% per hour during deep sleep

*Full Reinstated Autoreplacement for stock Keyboard

*removed Patent Restrictions from Autocorrect (apple sue this…Lol)

*Rebuilt LPA audio driver so that you could still advantage from low battery drain even after putting in Viper4Android codec/driver

*extended name sound exceptional/speaker satisfactory as a entire

*Modded the digicam for even sharper puncher portraits/videos…Almost unbelievable the pictures this thing takes now

*I put out of your mind some extra crap simply enjoy why are you still reading this phase lol

>>eliminated from V2:
All Knox Stuff without doubt used to be long past in v1
access control Tmo
Amazon searching
Tmobile tv
Demo Stub Tmo
Elm Agent

***was going to get rid of visible voicemail but left it for many who use it…
>>brought to v2:
Aurora live Wallpaper: ripped from my old be aware 1: prolly greatest Lwp ever lol
Nova Launcher
Nova Notifications
Wake Lock Detector
Youtube Adaway
Xposed Mod Installer
quick Boot

**instructions For Wanam/Xposed in op2

>>features of V1:
*Rooted (thanks as continually Chainfire)
*extremely optimized construct
*Optimized dalvik and cache controllers for immediate app launching
*eliminated all lock monitor lengthen: display goes on and off immediately
*Optimized 2nd and 3d Rendering: Framelocked at 60 fps even by way of most benchmarks
*eliminated the stressful exaggerated animations of *TouchWiz on package Kat: while I’ve ordinarily extended the animation velocity of inventory tw launcher appx double that of inventory i’m going to proceed to expand the snappiness with each and every update
***closely sophisticated Battery Efficacy: four.5 to five.5 hours of display on time at full brightness or about 40 hours total with 2 hours display on: ( preliminary assessments absolutely: will update the stats as I gather more data: the battery is a most important advantage of FireKat and i’m continuously looking to ultimate the stability of performance and battery

>>removed From V1:
***since V1 was once by and large a preliminary build to get suggestions I left all however a number of apks in
*All Knox Apks removed wholly from the construct:additionally deactivated in the construct, framework, and eliminated all knox lib records…There is no longer a hint of it left except in the bootloader
**Penup intent it is a silly app lol
***Idk probably a couple tmo ones…I will without doubt easy out extra pointless bloat for v2

***read earlier than FLASHING: you have got the choice of staying on Anj7 base and flashing v1 through v5…Or updating your base stock rom to ank4 with Odin…Then flashing fk v6 as famous under within the instructions…***keep in mind whilst which you can flash v5 over ank4 inventory base rom…YOU can’t FLASH V6 OVER ANJ7 YOU need to replace BASE TO ANK4 FIRST…
FireKat V6 and on (currently on V11X): ank4 base recommendations

1. Odin Flash inventory ANK4 (thanks ar2o for uploading ank4 base for us
here is the ANK4 zip file

here is the ANK4 .Tar file (unzipped)

AnK4 replicate 1: thanks MC FLMJ1G


2. Odin Flash Chainfire Auto Root
3. Odin Flash Twrp
four. Boot Into Twrp
5. Advanced Wipe In Twrp: verify only
***do not Wipe inner storage
6. Swipe to whole evolved Wipe
7. Flash FireKatN4ANK4V11X.Zip
8. Reboot
9. Let the rom rest 15 minutes or so
10. Setup and revel in the brand new fk goodness

Anj7 Base V1 via V5

1. Make certain you’re on the correct package kat base rom version: ANJ7
2. Flash Chainfire Auto Root with Odin
3. Flash Twrp with Odin


***Clear any stored fingerprint scans***
four . Make a backup of your rooted inventory rom
5. Wipe (do not dirty FLASH MY ROMS) with advanced

advanced Wipe Settings in TWRP: opt for as follows:
>> Then swipe to wipe

6. Smooth Flash FireKatV4
7. Let set up and Reboot
8. Let observe Boot and depart Sitting Idle 10 to 15 mins
9. Complete your Setup
10. Reboot

***recognized problems: to this point the one issues have stemmed from both leaving stored fingerprints within the stock rom earlier than flashing. ..This seems to factor to the fact that the scans are stored in a cache at the back of the bootloader to restrict security breaches…However reasons scanner problems when flashed. ..Clear all stored fingerprints from stock rom earlier than flashing firekat..Some have disorders wiping inner storage but fixing permissions must repair that
***the other problem is flashing my rom on the wrong base rom/bootloader…If you happen to flash this rom and don’t correctly flash the correct base you will have problems there’s no method around it. Interval.

Recommendations for Canadian N4 V7:

considering that that is headquartered on your guys anj3 Canadian stock base no kernel or some other workarounds simply firekat goodness…Enjoy

1. Odin Flash anj3 Base
2. Odin Flash Root
3. Odin Flash Twrp
4. Developed Wipe
5. Wipe
6. Flash FireKatN4ANJ3CAV7.Zip
7. Reboot and Let Rom boot up
eight. Let Rom take a seat for 10 to 15 minutes
9. Enjoy
***FOR CANADIAN stock founded FireKat V7 use directions above…
***guidelines for Canadian N4 customers most effective*** V1 via V5 most effective… Kernel wanted***

1. Ensure your on the NJ3 stock firmware
2. Odin Flash Root
3.Odin Flash TWRP
four. Make a backup of stock in twrp
5. Flash Modded Kernel over stock rom NJ3
6. Reboot Into TWRP
7. Continuously easy Flash My Roms (don’t dirty FLASH) do exactly as beneath:

Hit Wipe: opt for developed WIPE:

determine: cache, dalvik, approach, data (these four best)

6. Flash FireKatN4 Canadian Kernel Free v4
7. Reboot and enjoy FireKat for your Canadian N4


Download Rom Links Here

[sociallocker] FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 v20XxXR:

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FirekatN4 V18XxXR Mirror 1: thanks mcflmgj1

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V17XxX:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V17XxX Mirror 1: thanks dynospectrum!Rg8k1QgS!ptnmyOiwl…brvUDHl6FKLU64

FireKatN4 Deodex Ank4 V16XxX:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V15X:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Deodex V15X Mirror 1:thanks MCFLMJG1

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V14X:

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V13X:

FireKatN4 Deodex ANK4 V11X:

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V11X Mirror 1: thanks Denson!BkAgySBQ!wW3mXy…8XJd46sXWwwKSA

FireKatN4 Deodex ANK4 V10:

FireKatN4 Deodex V10 Mirror 1: thanks Denson!x8xR1SDK!iLS9xR…rdtdBWD–k6dbY

FireKatN4 Deodex ANK4 V9:

FireKatN4 Deodex Ank4 V9 Mirror 1: thanks savoritz!O9URxKYT!JD435z…EwUPM–FTZsrWw

FireKatN4 V8 Deodex ANK4 Based: says v7 in about phone still ignore it

FireKatN4 Deodex V7 Ank4 Based:

FireKatN4 Deodex V7 Mirror 1: thanks tofu

FireKatN4 Deodex V7: Mirror 2 thanks Iunlock

FireKatN4 Deodex V6 Ank4 Based:

FireKat V6: Mirror 1 thanks Iunlock

***Download CANADIAN Based Builds:

Canadian A0A1 Base Builds: you must odin flash the new A0A1 base prior to flashing firekat V9 thru V15X…

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1V20XxXR:

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V18XxXR:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V17XxX:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V16XxX:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V15X:…p=docslist_api

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V14X:

FireKatN4 Canadian A0A1 V13X:

FireKatN4 Canadian A0A1 V11X:

FireKatN4 Canadian A0A1 V10:

FireKatN4 Canadian A0A1 V9

Canadian V8: Based on ANJ3


CANADIAN V6: BASED ON CANADA ANJ3…no kernel needed…enjoy

FireKatN4 Deodex V5: ANJ7 Based

FireKatN4 Deodex V5 Mirror 1: thanks ezsoulja…

FireKatN4 Deodex V5 Mirror 2: thanks TheTofu

FireKatN4 Deodex V5: mirror 4 thanks twilliamszx3!eNcFhIgK!WCNuOZ…1YdjhaCg84yBPc

FireKatN4 Deodex V5: mirror 5 thanks iunlock

FireKatN4 Deodex V4:

FireKatN4 Deodex V4 Mirror 1: thanks Iunlock

FireKatN4 Deodex V4 Mirror 2: thanks twilliamszx3!zEkyFYzJ!8kTUIM…qBHWFICMzKFIUU

FireKatN4 Deodex V4 Mirror 3: thanks ezsoulja

***FireKatN4 Canadian KERNEL FREE v4:

FireKatN4 Deodex V3:

FireKatN4 Deodex V3 Mirror 1: thanks Iunlock

FireKatN4 Deodex V3 Mirror 2: thanks ezsoulja

FireKatN4 Deodex V2:…p=docslist_api

Mirror 1 for V2:!bYIS3Yzb!k_Rfm1…kDjTOVO3GWhaaY

Mirror 2 for V2: thanks llkinansr…bDQ&authuser=0

Mirror 3 for V2: thanks llkinansr…

Mirror 4 for V2: thanks iunlock

Mirror 5 for V2: thanks deeznutz

Mirror 6 for V2: thanks xAjCx

FireKatN4 Deodex V1:…p=docslist_api

Mirror for V1: thanks alot TWilliams!mAdElI4L!9kH5OM…ukTWA99lT-U1vE[/sociallocker]

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