Download Free Fire Battlegrounds for PC on Windows and MAC

After the huge success of simple games like Angry birds, Pokémon Go, etc. there had to be a phase where people became crazy about crazy games where there was a huge battle of survival instincts and shooting skills. Over the past few months, there has been a sudden increase in the number of survival games that have been hitting the App stores of Android and IOS. One of the most popular survival games that have been leading game cards these days is free fire battlefields. This game received an amazing response and was one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play store and App store.

Download Free Fire Battlegrounds for PC on Windows and MAC

This game starts with a plane that dumps you on a solitary island in Vietnam where there is a race between the life and death of more than 50 competitors. The basic rule of the game is quite simple. As soon as your feet hit the ground, all you need to do is just survive. After landing, you need to start looking for weapons and defense equipment as you can either become a predator or prey.

Once you spot an enemy, kill them before they shoot you. You can find the hardware in various places while there is also the upgrade for weapons. All players will be free to move on the island as there is no restriction. However, from time to time, the security zone will start to decrease to make the game area smaller which is an interesting feature to make the game more exciting.

This game is free to download for any operating system and it comes with stunning HD graphics. This popular game is available for not only Android and IOS, but it can also be downloaded for desktop PCs and laptops. If you want to play this game on a bigger screen then you can download it easily. You will need an Android emulator or any other Android player App. Today in this post we will show you how you can easily play on your laptop or PC.


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