CyanogenMod 13 Unofficial 6.0.1 Rom for Xperia XA F3112-16

CyanogenMod 13 Unofficial 6.0.1 Rom For Xperia XA Dual Sim F3112-16

CyanogenMod 13 Unofficial Marshmallow Android 6.0.1 ROM For Sony Xperia XA Dual Sim F3112-F3116. This Build is based on the Official Android Open Source Project with More contributions from many Guys within a Smartphone community. It can be used without the Google application installed. You need to provide your own Google Applications package (Google Apps 6.0).

Prior to INSTALLATION THIS ROM Is simply FOR Xperia XA F3112 AND F3116:

Bugs & Known Issues

-camera no longer working

-Video now not working

-No Sim

-display now not stand up after reveal off.

-No sound

-“protection” settings no longer working

-“more… ” settings not working

-NFC no longer working

-GPS (no longer established)

-Full brightness

-And as a rule extra…


Ways to Up-date Xperia XA Dual Sim to CyanogenMod 13 Android 6.0.1:


Now, I will not complete explaining how to Install because my ROM is at very beta stage & I need help for debugging,

This means it is not user-friendly just simply skilled users will know how to install it,

As soon as possible the ROM will be stable I update this part of the guide.

I’ll just say it is likely any other CM ROM flashing. Simple to Flash


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