AOKP Android Nougat 7.1.1 ROM For T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge

Download & Install AOKP Android Nougat 7.1.1 ROM For T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with Built-in Side Bar TB LTE TMO and TB LTE can. This is not a dirty unicorn. This is the first unicorn, the AOKP. Now made out of Nougat! That’s right, all of the AOKP stuff you love, plus LineageOS, plus a built-in sidebar, & Extra! All wrapped up into one! With tons of settings from status bar tweaks to button remaps, it’s all here and ready to rumble.

Features & What is Working in AOKP N 7.1.1 T-Mobile Note Edge ROM

What is Working

+ Phone calls/receiving
+ Data 2g/3g/LTE
+ Bluetooth
+ WiFi
+ GPS/Glonass
+ Split screen
+ The WiFi hotspot does work with the AKLU kernel!

What is Not Working

– The edge panel is not functioning at this time. The screen wraps around the side. But there is an app bar feature under ROM CONTROLS!
– The WiFi hotspot does not work with the stock kernel; it does cooperate with the AKLU kernel!
– The built in screenshot function does not operate at this time, but terminal commands for screenshots work.
– The fingerprint sensor is flaky. I got it to work once, but only once. Most times it will not register.
– I have not found any big errors, fault crashes, or problems yet. Please let me know if you find an issue.


AOKP N 7.1.1 T-Mobile Note Edge

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